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Linux 2.6 Kernel for MMU-less ARM project
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The uClinux/ARM 2.6 Project
The uClinux/ARM 2.6 project is one of the projects based on uClinux(Embedded Linux/Microcontroller Project), and intends to support almost full 2.6 kernel features on MMU-less ARM architectures, include MPU. So you'll find the announce and patch on the uclinux project, also.

Because there was no one who care of it from 2.5, In Linux 2.6 Kernel, uClinux ARM architecture is not included, although the other architectures are merged. So we just do it. ;-)

The Author
And this port is heavily based on the ARM Linux Project codes, and nommu port codes are by the uClinux developers, of course.
the other codes are developed and maintained by
Hyok S. Choi

working for:
Software Platform Lab
Digital Media Research Center
Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd.


Linux 2.6 for MMU-less ARM is hosted by:
Samsung Electronics
Digital Media R&D Center
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